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Special Workshops

We have started special courses in Vastu Shastra where we will be teaching common people the important principles of Vastu and its importance in everyday life. These special courses and workshops are solely for the public benefit.

Our special workshops and courses will be especially for housewives, corporate, architects or interior designers. Any lady who is about to marry and want to learn what can she do to bring prosperity in her relationship, peace in house and to ward off the negative vibes is qualified to join our course. Corporate can learn important tips to stay alert, how can they improve their concentration, what can they place in their office premises to bring success and fame, for better clientele, and so much so. These workshops will let them know much about the petty things which we actually do not heed for. Architects and interior designers can better design their homes if they learn simple Vastu principles.

Our workshops for all these people will be different in duration for example housewives and corporate workshop shall be for about 2-3 hour and for Architect/ interior designers it can be of 1 day course.

Vastu for housewives
Vastu course for house wives include the various minimal things which they can use in their homes as necessity. They will be taught things pertaining to Vastu, which could be easily, apply by them at their living places. These basic things shall be color therapy-what color they must select for their different room, and some careful things to take care according to Vastu. First ten enrolled ladies will get house evaluation free of cost. The duration for these special classes shall be for 2 to 3 hours. Some useful things which you can learn from our workshops are as follows:
  • How can you maintain family’s good health
  • Different color therapy
  • About kids and their studies
  • Proper directions of petty things to keep in house
  • For better home environment
Vastu for corporate
Vastu Shastra for corporate is usually a 2 hour workshop which will familiar them with simple measures to maintain peace, prosperity and stability. There are some very common things which corporate employees must look out for. In these workshops we will be teaching them all the fair deal important Vastu Shastra tips. Our free Vastu tips booklet shall be provided to all. Corporate workers can learn various ways of:
  • Better concentration
  • Success
  • Improving clientele
  • Wealth improvisation through different measures
  • Earning fame
Vastu for architects/ interior designers
There will be one day workshop for architects and interior designers. This workshop is beneficial for them as this little knowledge of Vastu would make their real art more appreciable. Interior designing is all about designing the rooms, colors, flooring, and decorating with antique and different things. Vastu will be an additional advantage to their skill. Our renowned interior designer and now a Vastu expert Dr Smita shall personally be meeting the first come first ten people and they will be given free instruments of Vastu. As architect/interior designing is correlated with Vastu in a big way, therefore Vastu can teach them number useful things like:
  • The needful instruments used in Vastu
  • Soil testing
  • Learning Vastu in 3 parts- Vastu of whole area, Vastu of constructive area, and Vastu of every room
  • You can learn about the sick building syndrome
  • Principles of Bau- biology
  • Structural Vastu
  • Orientation
  • Placements
  • How can you place different things in a room, according to Vastu?

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