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Difference Between Vastu Shastra & Feng Shui

Vastu and Feng shui, both the ancient arts allows following some basic principles in order to live in harmony and to maintain stability. Vastu is thus older than Feng shui and the basic theory of this ancient Indian philosophy is art of placement.
  • Vastu not only uses the energies but also unifies modern science such as astrology and astronomy while Feng shui is all about balancing the energies to live in harmony.
  • It can also be said that Vastu Shastra is based on science apart from topographical conditions while Feng shui is based on geographical and traditional considerations.
  • Both consist of five elements, the only difference being Feng shui has wood and metal instead of space and air as in Vastu.
  • Vastu is benefices people by balancing man and nature & by rectifying the geographical errors; Feng shui propagate the idea of living in tune with environment to bring fortune and success.
  • Feng shui is a known science incorporating astronomy, geography and balancing the positive flowing energy in a house to bring fortune. Vastu it self means ‘abode’ and Shastra refers to technique, both combines to form the technique of constructing an abode for proper functioning of way of life.
  • Feng shui balance positive energy known as yin and yang in a building, Vastu gives the modern scientific ways by imparting definite direction to everything so as to bring happiness, prosperity and success in all spheres of life.

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