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VASTU SHASTRA an ancient art and natural science, which was practiced by our ancient sages and it has been originated from our sacred text VEDAS. Though this art is much ancient of about 8000 years old in comparison with other occult science and was extensively practiced when constructing house or selecting a plot.

This was the time when tradition and culture was a basic aspect of every oneís life. And now in this modern era, when we people have become so modern that we left behind our own values and old traditional norms which was mandatory before doing any work. Resultant life became mess, all the negative affect started pouncing in our lives. Then again we are now going back to our tradition and taking help of Vastu before buying and constructing plot.

People are now desperate to learn this art so that they can minimize the negative effects in their living area. There are people who do not get time to learn Vastu Shastra and our organization Pankh Vastu Centre is introducing various courses in Vastu Shastra for the favor of general people. In these courses you will learn the basic principles of this ancient art and modern science and how can you rectify the problems arriving in a house due to various defects.

We are offering the following

Regular course
In this regular Vastu course there will be two levels which would acquaint them with the basic aspects of Vastu Shastra. The first level is for beginners which is 12 hour course and these hours would divided on regular basis.

The second level is an advance course in Vastu and a one month course where 2 hour class will be taken on alternate days. All the students receive free course material in the classes.

We are specializing in Vastu consultancy and in education industry. We often organize our seminars and workshops in different zones in Delhi and NCR, considering the number of interested students. These workshops are for those people acknowledged with this ancient art and want to get a brief knowledge to minimize the negative effects in their homes. There are various institutes and colleges who frequently invite us to take short workshops in their premises. These workshops are either on commission basis or solely students pay.

In these classes we will be providing them with refreshment from a known bistro and free Vastu booklet.

We also organize special workshops for Housewives, Corporates, Architects and Interior Designers, click here for details.

In correspondence course, we shall be sending our registered candidates the whole course material and the postal charges would include in the course fee. All the interested candidates are requested to write your full name, authentic address, and e-mail idís so that the course material will reach you on time.

Online course
We are soon introducing our E-learning Vastu course where we shall mail the students, the course chapters weekly/ fortnightly/ monthly as per the module, and online exam would also be taken at the end of course duration.

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