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Vastu Consultation

Our vastu consultation involves for two kinds of property analysis i.e. Vastu for existing property and vastu for new property. Our service will be class apart from others in this industry, being the supreme consultant. We give our customers the overall analysis and rectify the problems with the help of vastu either it is residential or commercial in the existing property consultancy service.

Vastu consultancy service regarding new property includes the overall selection of the plot, construction of the plot, interiors of the plot whether it is commercial or residential according to vastu.

Vastu for existing property
Vastu for existing property will include residential and commercial property. Vastu consideration is necessary for every property in a big way, its aftermaths could be realized when you really follow its principles. Existing property can be an apartment or an independent house. Hence our service will assist you with proper vastu guidance of your property. Our consultation follows a dynamic process of analysis and rectification of the property, accordance with that we give remedies.
  • Analysis
    During consultation, a deep analysis of site is provided to the client. The following steps are involved in this process:
    • Inspection of site through personal visit or inspecting the plan sent by client.
    • Examining each and every corner of the house or building
    • Refereeing the exteriors and interiors of property
    • Detailing the area by dividing the drawing into Vastu mandala.
  • Rectification
    Rectification involves the corrections in the house, through detecting vastu dosh. This process involves following steps:
    • Detecting vastu defects
    • Detecting negative energies that may be effecting you
    • Examining the spaces and every corner
    • Implementation of vastu principles without structural changes in the house
Vastu for new property
New property will include any new land which has to be constructed according to vastu. There are specific things in a new property which has to carefully scrutinize in order to start a construction applying vastu. Selection of plot for new construction is a foremost step and if it is purchased in compliance with vastu, it would be beneficial for the people associated with it. The next step comes to the construction and the interiors of the site with vastu.

Vastu suggestion for the Selection of the plot
Selection of the plot is necessary before construction but this task can be tedious as the selection of plot is not easy. It is considered as the initial stage because it is like beginning of something new, hence a proper care should be taken before choosing a construction plot. If you happen to buy a good plot, it might give you favorable results, but if it is not a good one than you may end up bringing bad luck and unfavorable conditions. One must purchase a construction plot in the guidance of vastu-shastra. An unfavorable plot may bring you financial loss, bad health, worries and sorrows.

Our service assists you with proper selection of the plot. We follow the following steps:
  • Examine and determine the directions of plot
  • Examine the soil of the site as it plays pivotal role in forming the vibrations over that area
  • Observe the positive and negative vibrations over the site in order to get a personal feel and touch of property
  • Preparing a vastu analysis chart describing the grades and important indications with some recommendations.
Vastu suggestion for construction of the plot

The second crucial step is construction of the plot after the selection and if you have purchased a bad plot then its negative effects can be ward off by making proper construction and using eco-friendly material according to vastu. Even if the land is good but the material or directions are not correct then it would give problems to the inmates in future course. You donít want to wonder after the construction of the plot, that the cause of your misery is the material used. Therefore it is better to take precautions rather than curing it. We will provide you with the following details:
  • About the proportions of build and open spaces
  • Shape and height of building
  • Slopes of floor and roof
  • Direction and placement of columns beams
  • Thickness, height an design of boundary walls
  • Direction and shapes of stairs
  • Direction of main gate, doors, ventilators and cupboards
  • Placement of electricity meter, main light and lighting system
  • Location of rooms, kitchen, bathroom
  • Direction of water sources such as water tank, underground tank, septic tank
  • Using eco-friendly material
Interiors designing through vastu

Interior can be said a part of vastu, if the interior of the house is not properly managed then the vastu application will be void. Interior and vastu in a living place go parallel both have to be managed in a suitable manner to maintain peace, harmony and prosperity. Thus, interior of a place should be done according to vastu in order attain all pleasures of life.

Vastu suggestion for the interior of the house-
The sole aim of vastu appears to grant cheerful life balanced with harmony by taking advantage of the magnetic field, gravitational effects of the earth, the rainfall, the galaxy and the whole of the nature and cosmos. The interior according to vastu can duly evoke the gods of direction to bestow their blessings on us. Every room signifies a specific direction and vastu deprived house will result in misfortune and sorrows. We will recommend you the design of the interiors according to vastu:
  • Direction and placement of furniture
  • Deployment of accessories in rooms, kitchen and bathroom
  • Advising the color scheme for the whole place
  • Advising the color scheme for the paints to be used
  • Advising the drapery and other fabric to be used
  • Location of electronic items
  • Advising the plants to be grow in house
Vastu suggestion for the interiors of the office-
Interior of any place is as important as any ritual. Like a house vastu of a commercial place is mandatory in a different way. If the vastu principles are not followed properly then it may result in disharmony and loss of wealth in a company. We will recommend you the design of the interiors according to vastu:
  • Direction and location of the room for director
  • Location of the room according to the working staff
  • Location of the safe/vault
  • Placement of the raw material and finished goods
  • Location of machinery

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