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Residential Vastu Shastra

Vastu means ‘home’ a place where human beings and animals dwell to protect themselves from natural pitfalls. In order to make home a better place to live, Vastu principles have to be followed to enhance the chances of peace, prosperity and all over happiness.

You can avail our consultation services either by map on paper or by direct supervision. We provide our services without any structural changes. Our aim is to apply Vastu scientifically making people to believe that Vastu Shastra is not a myth but a scientific logic which can make your life happy altogether.

Vastu for residence involves overall consultation of every part of residence
  • Vastu recommendation for bedroom
  • Vastu for pooja room
  • Vastu for bathroom
  • Vastu for drawing room
  • Vastu for dining room
  • Vastu for guest room
  • Vastu for children room
  • Vastu for study room
  • Vastu for kitchen
  • Vastu for granary room
  • Vastu for store room
  • Vastu for medical room

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