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Our Services

We provide our vastu consultancy services to national and international clients. Our consultancy apart from providing this service involves vastu education and vastu teaching.

Vastu site consultations
Vastu explains the benefits and directions to seek contentment in life; therefore for this purpose a thorough scrutiny is necessary for any kind of construction. We have been in this service for past 9 years handling a number of projects for five star hotels, buildings, and corporate offices. In this service we have to do an immense examination of the site, soil, plot, geography and environment before suggesting our ways.

Vastu onsite consultation will make your site architects and interior designer to take the benefits of vastu principles. We also recommend our expert architects and well known interior designers in order to provide you the best service.

Vastu off site consultations
Vastu off site consultation involves that you would be providing us everything related to your plot, site and direction and we will be giving a thorough consultation of the site. This can be done on phone or through e-mail and you can consult us personally.

Off site consultation will be convenient for all the people living in India and as well as abroad. Local customers may benefit as they can take our service effectively either on phone or by inviting us personally on the site. People living far off the regions need not to be skeptic and worried, they will also receive our full analysis report of their property via mail and if they would be interested inviting us personally, we will respect their regards.

Vastu online consultations
We have many clients who live far off areas in India and some outside India, so we provide our consultancy service through e-mail. Clients send their project site maps through mail, and after making out the best possible ways for the site, we consult them either on phone or through email.

This may involve sending a thorough vastu plan for their plot in response to their reply. We will send a mail giving the analysis, rectification if it is the existing property, and suggesting all the possible ways of vastu so as to get the positive energies in the plot.

Vastu Courses
Vastu education is one of the parts of our services. This includes organizing lectures, workshops and seminars for laymen, housewives, corporates, architects and interiors designers/ students.

E- Reports
Vastu report is a detailed explanatory account of your site which is prepared after a deep analysis of data, you have submitted to us. We provide e-reports to all our clients either they consult us through site consultation, offsite consultation or online consultation.

Our complete vastu consultations includes:
  • Vastu advice for the selection of plot
  • Vastu for complete construction
  • Suggestion on environmental design
  • Advice on construction material
  • Counsel for landscape design and aesthetic plantings
  • Residential vastu
  • Commercial vastu
  • Vastu for offices
  • Vastu dosh and remedies
  • Vastu for multi storey buildings
  • Vastu for hospitals
  • Vastu for educational institutes
  • Vastu for hotels, restaurants
  • Vastu products
  • Vastu for spiritual places

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