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Vastu Consultation & Vastu Courses World Wide

Vastu Consultation
There are various ways of offering professional vastu consultation services to a client. A person can opt from either online consultation, off-line consultation or telephonic consultation from our centre.

Vastu Education
There are people who do not get time to learn Vastu Shastra and our organization Pankh Vastu Centre offers various courses in Vastu Shastra for the favor of general people.

Vastu Shastra
Vastu is better known as architecture of buildings and home. It is an Indian ancient art which has become modern science unifies astrology, astronomy, and art.

Feng Shui
Feng shui is a known as the Chinese Vastu Shastra. Feng shui reports that man and its surrounding are influenced by ‘chi’- the energy of earth, cosmology and metaphysical factors.
- Difference between Vastu Shastra & Feng Shui
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Pankh Vastu Centre
About Pankh Vastu Centre
PANKH VASTU CENTRE- a Vastu consultant firm owned by Dr. Smita Jain Narang. She owns this company individually imparting her Vastu knowledge by conducting seminars, organizing workshops on short term basis. Dr. Smita Narang is a renowned name in Vastu Shastra consultation industry, nationally and internationally

Our Services
Pankh Vastu Centre provides various types of vastu related services.
Some of the services offered by Pankh Vastu Centre are mentioned below:
Vastu Courses
- Regular classes
- Vastu Workshops
- Special Workshops
- Vastu for Distance Learning
- Off-Site Consultation
- On-Site Consultation
- Online Consultation
- E-Reports
- Residencial Vastu
- Commercial Vastu

Media Section
In this section you will find vidoes, photos and media coverage of our renowned vastu consultant, Dr. Smita.

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